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Spring Clothes

Today I get to write about one of my favorite (maybe it is my favorite) topics; fashion. I have to admit that I just love clothes but I don’t really love shopping or spending a lot of money. So I have learned to run in the discount stores every week or so and take a quick look around for what is new and grab it. Sometimes I don’t even try anything on I just buy it and decide at home because you always have at least 30 days to take it back.

One thing that always gets my attention is anything that is red. I just love red and so very often I find that I am drawn to the Tommy Hilfiger line because they always seem to have vibrant red. This is what I am buying for this spring.



I love these red corduroy jeans and I found them  at this site They what on sale for $54.99 I will wear them all summer especially in the evening when it tends to be cooler where I live. And of course they will be great for the Fourth of July.

On the fourth I am going to wear them with these shoes, which I found at the same site for only $39.99.



The red pants, red and blue shoes, a white tee shirt and if it is cool a blue jacket  and you have your red, white and blue.

Since I always have a Fourth of July party I like to wear flat shoes because I will be running around. Also I am almost 5’10” so I really don’t need heals although I wear them all the time.

Anyway I sort of got of track I was going to write about spring fashion but you see what happens to me when I find something I love in red it just takes me in a different direction.

At least now I know what I will write about next time. It will be SPRING FASHION. I already wrote about the cool shoes that will be out for the summer this year so now I need to add some clothes next time. At least I have my Fourth of July outfit and I hope I helped you with your too.

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